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  • Aug 09
    News MacVitamin update:

    Share your best photos

    You can now share your best Mac photos in the workstations section.
    You can now also like Apps, Businesses or Products and of course the best photos.

  • Aug 05
    News MacVitamin update:

    Sign In with LinkedIn is now fully supported

    We added LinkedIn Sign In to the service. It's useful for Apple professionals looking for a simple way to connect to MacVitamin. No data is shared with the service.

  • Jul 26
    News MacVitamin update:

    Apple Sign In now fully supported

    For better respect of privacy and simplicity, you can now login or create an account with Apple Sign In service. The button is added to the login and register pages.

  • Jul 25
    Opinion Olevator just said:

    Beautiful design and fun to use

    Congrats for the work

  • Jul 25
    Link MacVitamin just shared:

    App for the menu bar

    We just published a new utility for Mac.

  • Jul 22
    Link Samantha just shared:

    Love this utility

    It allows you to see all specs of all computers

  • Jul 22
    News MacVitamin update:

    More features

    We just add more features, tweaked the user interface. Enjoy 😊

  • Jul 18
    Opinion LifeIsGood just said:

    Apple Maps
    First time that I see a web app using Apple Maps, pretty cool. 😉

  • Jul 17
    Opinion Finder just said:

    This is a great idea
    I'm impress by the quality of the app. I'm going to send ideas soon.

  • Jul 17
    Opinion MacVitamin just said:

    Welcome to new members
    If you need any help with the service, I can reply to your questions. I'm the official assistant of MacVitamin 😉

  • Jul 17
    Opinion Digicali just said:

    Great idea

    Finally a community tweaked for Mac users.

  • Jul 17
    Link MacZoom just shared:

    Servers monitoring
    If you are looking for a way to monitor your server or your website, we are offering a complete solution.

  • Jul 17
    Opinion MacProline just said:

    We made this service

    At MacProline, we love building great apps for Apple users. 😊

  • Jul 14
    News MacVitamin update:

    MacVitamin 2.0

    We are very proud to release the version 2 of our service now only focusing on professional connections between Mac users. It's a complete rewrite for the best user experience and tweaking of features. 


    → New user interface and design

    → Apple Maps integrated

    → Beautiful profile pages with more control of information

    → Hosted on Mac servers for best security

    → Complete respect of Apple privacy policy

    → New features coming every month (stay tuned)

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