MacWeb Servers Freeware

   Access servers from the menu bar

   Made by MacWeb

MacWeb Servers is a simple utility that allows you to manage and connect to your servers from the menu bar.

It's a free app offered by (Cloud Mac servers On-Demand).

Supported protocols: afp, smb, cifs, ftp

If a scheme is entered that the application doesn't support, it passes it on to the Finder to locate an app supporting the URL.

Few examples :

- vnc:  open screen sharing automatically
- rdp:  If installed, open Microsoft Remote Desktop

The main interface lives in the menu bar, with a menu to allow your mounting points to be quickly accessed. Just look at logo.

The stored mounting points are accessible via the "Edit list…" menu.

For better security, this version doesn't support storing passwords. If you want automatic connection to a mount point, you can use the standard server connection dialog that appears when you connect to a server to remember the password in the Apple keychain. 


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