Big Hairy Goal Productivity

   Creative thinking

   Made by Berbie Software

Big Hairy Goal is a mind-mapping, brainstorming and progress tracking tool for creatives. The approach is innovative and unconventional at the same time. Users can focus on adding cards with ideas and concepts to a whiteboard, connect their dependencies or relations and track their work in progress via status attributes or importance. 

With its well-balanced combination of free-flow and structure, Big Hairy Goal supports the thinking process while still keeping thoughts organized.

The interaction with the map is so simple and intuitive that authors, developers, speakers, and managers can just let flow their creativity without being disturbed by configuration and styling options. 

Still, Big Hairy Goal is so powerful, that it can replace three types of apps like mind-mapping, todo lists, and flowchart design tools.

For users that own several iOS or macOS devices, Big Hairy Goal synchronizes its documents via iCloud Drive and seamlessly integrates changes made simultaneously on each device.


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