Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of this app?

This app is a way for Mac users to connect with other Mac users. You can see it as a LinkedIn for Mac users.
You can create a profile and groups to showcase your interests or skills. You can also look for Mac users in your area or Mac users sharing the same interests. 

In summary, it's a professional network dedicated to Mac users, featuring a stunning user experience and great simplicity.

Do I need to use the app to create an account?

Nope, you can create an account from the app and it's recommended, but you can also do it from any web browser using this URL

Is it FREE to use?

The service is free to use with some locked features. To be clear, most Mac users will not need the locked features that are for businesses. These professionals can subscribe to a yearly plan to unlock unlimited possibilities. 

Do you resell user data?

Nope, like Apple, we deeply care about privacy and security. We are very picky on these topics and we will never do anything wrong for users. Sadly, a lot of companies are doing a sneaky business with the data of users and it's wrong. You can trust us on this topic.